Thursday, August 29, 2013

new house tour {the playroom}

this big girl wants to be your tour guide through the playroom.  it was naptime, but she wasn't interested, so she helped me take some photos instead ;)

i think i may have already give you a bit of a sneak peek at our toy room, but for those of you who are interested in a closer look, i thought i would give you the full tour.

that is the front door to our house there on the left, and this room is technically the "front parlor", but its placement at the bottom of the stairs, and directly off of the family room made it a perfect spot for me to tuck all the kids' toys.  sure, i wish it was down in the basement so i can close the door and ignore the mess (like it was at our other house), but it is really nice to let the kids play while i am working in my office, or in the kitchen, and have them on the same floor as me. 

the toy storage unit was from target, and i was thrilled to find both woven baskets and wire baskets to store toys in.  i like the look that ties into other spaces in my room, and sort of jazzes up all the primary colored plastic crap toys.  ;)

look closely....see those two bottom teeth poking up?!?!  oh, and can you catch the bruise on her forehead?!?  now that she is mobile, she tries to crawl into spaces she can't quite fit into anymore.....

she is a pro at pulling out and emptying these boxes of toys.

this is a table that my hubby made out of a door he found in the basement.  it is perfect for crafting with little fingers, and as you can see, markers are a fan favorite in this house right now!

yeap, this little monkey wants to be a part of all the action.....she pulls herself up to the table and colors too ;)

or hides underneath it.  lol

we used one large wall as a gallery space to hang all my favorite photos of the kids.  i love this.  i think it totally personalizes the room. 

this sweet face leaves a trail of toys behind her......

thanks for stopping by!  

gotta get back to eating my toys playing! 

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