Thursday, August 8, 2013

beach waves

last week i went and got a perm.  
yeap, it has definitely been at least 15 years since my last one (maybe even longer). 

i forgot how much they smell.

and how long they take.
though i have to admit; at this stage in my life, 2 hours of alone time to read at the hair salon, without my children.....might not be a bad thing. ;)  

i think turning 29 hit me hard.  i feel old.  keeping my hair long makes me feel less old.  and since i did need a change, and wacking it all off wasn't going to be it, i decided to get a beach wave perm.  nevermind that the summer is almost over, and it might have been more appropriate during the summer time (you know, the beach thing?!?). 

i like it.


a little before and after. 


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