Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sun, sand & chalk

so i have to admit, it was a good idea to move our sandbox to our new house.  i thought that it was probably more of a hassle than it was worth, but hendrix loves it. and it is special as it was something that my hubby made for him for his birthday last year.  it is parked right outside our back door, and hendrix loves to sit out there.  he will even just go out and play on his own while i am making supper (our yard is fenced in), and i love the independance he is developing. 

of course, he loves it when i am sitting right next to him as well, as then he can show me all the cool things he digs up.....

his serious faces while he plays just crack me up.  he is so full of laughter and lightheartedness, but when he starts concentrating, that face sure resembles more of a frown than a smile.....i am certain that he gets that from his daddy ;)

and while one thing can hold his attention for so much longer than it used to, he likes to know he can move on to the next thing at his own pace, not when mommy directs.

i love watching him play with blaire outside.  their little feet get filthy and they soak up that vitamin d.  so glad that my kids love to be outdoors as i love it too.  i could just sit and watch them play for hours!

i feel really badly that i haven't used my 'good' camera on my own kids nearly as much this summer as i have in the past.  i think the ease and access of my iphone has made me feel it less necessary, but i really want to make an effort to focus on it more.  i don't want to just catch the big moments - like the first day of preschool (which is coming up next week!) and birthday parties (hendrix's third is this weekend!); but i also want to catch those lazy weekday mornings playing out in the yard.  


i want to see all her expressions as she takes in the world that is rapidly opening up around her.

i want to remember those pudgy, chalk-covered toesies before fall hits and we have to start wearing shoes......

this face?!?  yeap, i love it.  every single bit of it.

happy sunny day, all.  hope you are enjoying it!

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