Friday, August 2, 2013

she's crawling!

she did it!

she finally figured it out!

blaire is crawling around on all fours, and nothing is safe with her on the go ;)

leave it to my chubby gal to only be motivated enough to crawl for food.


i know that comparing your two kiddos is really never a great idea......they are all so different, and this is so true of my energetic, wild son, and easy-going, chill daughter; but i can't help but point out that hendrix never did crawl, so this is an exciting first milestone for this family!

he did get around, in fact, you can go check out his adorable little butt-scoot that was his favorite mode of transportation if you want a giggle.....he just. never. crawled.

i'm so proud of my little cutie pie!

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