Monday, July 22, 2013

summer photos

my little loves are sure growing up.

mister hendrix here is two and a half and full of personality.  he likes to be in charge, and though he adores blaire, he also wants her to leave his stuff alone!

he is also dreadfully difficult to photograph these days.  he doesn't stay put, and he only wants to cheese-smile (which i hate).  oh. well.......

miss blaire is 9 months already.  she is still all chub and giggles, and is starting to get mobile.  she doesn't crawl yet, but she can get herself around a room, and is starting to pull up to things.  her drive to be on-the-go is increasing, which is lots of fun!  she adores being outdoors, and worships her big brother ;)

i have never seen a more energetic child......

nor have i seen a sweeter smile!  ;)

wouldn't trade them for anything. 

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