Saturday, February 23, 2013

pinteresting for mommy

since we all know that i take a million photos, i bet you are wondering what i do with all of them?  

me too!  

my normal routine is to get them uploaded to my computer (with backups on my external hard drive, and an online share location) sorted by month taken, and post my favorites to facebook.
occasionally when i get really inspired i gather up a collection that seem to go together and print a photobook.

and once in a very great while, i print some larger photos to hang on my walls. 

i was recently inspired by a pinterest idea to create an entire gallery wall of my favorite photos, and i actually followed through with it!

i have done pinterest projects for my baby, and for my toddler in the past; but i seldom find or make the time to do a project that is really 

this was simple. inexpensive. and cool.

so first off, we bought 16 quare record frames from michaels (they come in 3-packs, and were on sale for $ affordable way to buy that many frames!)  they are simple and clean.  i like that as they allow the photo to stand out more. besides when you put that many of them on the wall, they are bold enough without having thick, dark frames. 

i bought a matte cutter, and matte in bulk.  also very inexpensive, though a bit time consuming to cut. 

i ordered some of my favorite photos in a size 8x10 and cropped them to fit into square openings in the frames.

i love the end result as my walls are now full of current, candid & meaningful photos of my two favorite subjects.  

we didn't have one wall large enough, so there are little groupings of them spread out in between the windows on the whole north side of my main floor.  

and let's see...

while i am talking about pinterest projects, i also recently turned a goodwill purchased picture frame......

into an adorable headband and bow holder for miss blaire.  i saw the original idea here

oh how much i love pinterest! 

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