Wednesday, February 27, 2013

little fishie

a couple weekends ago, hendrix got the chance to do some swimming with his daddy and uncles, and he just dove right in with no fear even though he hadn't been swimming in a couple months.  i had wondered if he was going to be a bit apprehensive......nope.  not at all.

he loves playin' with uncle joel.

and he really loves hangin' out with daddy, so if he is doing it, then it must be super cool. ;)

oh, and he adores uncle jake!

the big boys did a little racing, and hendrix just splashed and splashed!

the water was cold, and his lips were purple, but he still didn't want to be done.  

now i am especially excited for our mini vacation to the wisconsin dells to splash in the water parks over spring break.  this little fella is going to have a blast!

he's getting so big, i just can barely even wrap my mind around it fast enough.  

love these boys so much!

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