Monday, February 25, 2013


so when we were discussing baby names my husband and i put a ton of effort into avoiding names that were too prone to nicknames.  we didn't want people to feel free to nickname our child whatever they wanted to, and we know firsthand how confusing it can be to try to transition back to your given name when you reach a certain age.

with hendrix, that endeavor was super successful.  he is hendrix.  everyone calls him hendrix.  he calls himself hendrix.  
i guess when my hubby and i are messaging each other about him, we might refer to him as H, but that is a shortcut for type only.....not usually verbal, and most certainly not when speaking to him.  lol

now with a very short one-syllable name like blaire, we do funny things with nicknames.  instead of abbreviating, we seem to find it natural to elaborate.  case in point.  blaire is most often referred to by the ever endearing terms of; blaire-bell, missy lou lou, twinkle toes, or sweet baby sis. 

i guess when you are babbling to a precious chubby cheeked sweetheart, you say whatever will get the most smiles, coos and giggles!  

i love your name, blaire, and i hope you will too!


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