Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my valentine sweethearts

hendrix - 2 years

blaire - 4 months

happy valentine's day!

here are a couple behind-the-scenes shots of our mini valentine photo session.....i always find these interesting when other people post them, so here you are. 

as you can see, i have a very big prop helper ;)

i know there are far fewer photos of my little guy than there are of my little gal, but he just doesn't lay still and cooperate the same way that she does.

in fact, i may or may not have had to bribe him with cookies.

love these chubby little legs.....i just want to photograph them over and over again, since i know she will lose her baby chubs and slim up when she gets mobile (just like her toddler brother) far too soon.

and i LOVE her baby blues!

this little man is such a cool little guy, with so much attitude, and still so much sweetness.  

i just adore him.

these two are the best valentine's a mama could ask for!  ;)

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