Friday, March 1, 2013

lazy weekend mornings

i absolutely love lazy weekend mornings......the kind where we all end up piled in my bed for a while in the morning - snuggling, singing, shaking rattles for blaire, and watching shows for hendrix on the iPad.

i also love busy weekends - packed to the brim with family time, road trips, delicious meals, and lots of shutter snaps on my camera.

this weekend is going to be one of the busy ones.

before it gets started, i wanted to take a deep breathe and reflect on some of the lazy ones!  it seems to energize me ;)

love his fascination with her.  he is so sweet.

yesterday morning while i was in the bathroom, blaire woke up and it wasn't two seconds later before i heard a huge thump and a proud cheer.

hendrix had climbed up into her crib and was sprawled out practically on top of her shouting, 'good morning blaire, you has a good sleep?'

then when he saw me, he announced, 'mommy, i super super climbed, i is spiderman, a super baby spiderman.'

it was so sweet. 
(and a little bit scary, since they share a room.....)

hendrix has gymnastics class with daddy on saturday mornings, so blaire and i get to spend a little solo mommy and me time together.  i love getting to focus on her, and have used that time to snap some photos on occasion. 

i want to be sure and document these chubby little legs as much as possible....because i adore them.  i think they are so sweet.  i love to pinch them, and tickle them, and watch her giggle and giggle!  she is at the most perfectly fun stage right now....interacting, face lighting up, babbling back to you when you talk to her.

and constantly chewing on those fingers......

one would think that she has been teething for the past 6 weeks.  
nothing yet.

just an ear to ear gummy smile!  ;)

happy weekend to you, be it lazy or busy!  


  1. What a great post and beautiful pictures. I love lazy days all together. I can't believe how fast they are growing!

  2. I love lazy weekends too. We have a busy one this weekend, should be fun.. and tiring. I am in love with Blaire and her chunky legs. I wish they stayed like that forever!


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