Saturday, March 30, 2013

coloring eggs

this little stinker was so pumped about coloring easter eggs.  
he was the one that brought it up.  
i am not sure if he had seen the packages at the store, or if it was a result of the easter egg hunt that we did earlier in the week, or if he just plain remembered coloring easter eggs last year
but he was very excited!

these colored cups really made it pretty painless, and i felt pretty relaxed to let him take the reins and just do whatever he felt like.  he loves projects, and likes to be in control; and i enjoyed watching him do his thing. ;)

he made a pink one for blaire

and a blue one for himself.

he loved the sparkles

and double dipped several of them.  i think that little metal tool was his favorite part.

we are all ready for easter now!


  1. Just love the pictures! He looks so grown up! How sweet he made one for his sister :)

  2. So cute! I love that he made one for Blaire :)


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