Thursday, March 14, 2013

my preschooler

yeap, that's right. 
i just signed this tiny little mister up for preschool.  

after our classroom visit we decided to enroll him at adventures preschool; a less traditional, co-op preschool here in town.

since he turns 3 just a week before the age cutoff, we feel really comfortable that this preschool environment will be the best fit for his energetic, enthusiastic and adventurous personality.

while there isn't a strict lesson plan scheduled for each day; there are so many opportunities to learn important skills in the midst of everyday play.  the classroom is full of awesome learning centers, and the emphasis on art seems strong, which is perfect for my "project" boy!  
There is also quite a bit of parental involvement in the classroom, and i am looking forward to having the opportunity to interact with and observe my son at school.

when we left after registering, he was sad because he thought we were coming back to class again, and he kept calling it "my school", so i think that is a good sign!

while a small part of me worries that we might be rushing him and sending him before he is ready, another part of me feels confident that he is capable and even needs the stimulation that this social environment will bring for him.

i am also genuinely excited to think that i will consistently have three mornings a week to spend solely focusing on blaire and the things that might interest her.  she honestly doesn't know what that is like right now!

i am going to resist the natural instinct to let this milestone make me feel old (hey, i'm not even 30 yet!) and instead just take a moment to reflect on how much joy this little man has brought to my life!  i am anxious to see him grow into a successful young student ;)


  1. He is going to do great! Such a handsome boy.

    1. your little guy sure is a good looking one, too! ;)

  2. We are so excited to have Hendrix at Adventures preschool next year! I love all your pictures! They are amazing! The snow day pics were great too!

    1. thanks camille! i am excited to get to know you and your kiddos better ;) it is going to be a fun year!


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