Monday, April 1, 2013

easter 2013

so on saturday night before easter morning, we all snuggled up for a family movie night.  we watched 'the rise of the guardians', which was a really fun family flick, and it really got hendrix talking about the easter bunny.

he told us that he was going to see the easter bunny, and he went to bed very excited for morning.  

his enthusiasm sure was contagious as i giddily put together the kiddos' baskets - filled with some clothes and toys that i had been stockpiling.

and then daddy and i hid a bunch of candy-filled eggs down in his playroom, wondering how much he would enjoy the hunt, and hoping that he would teach blaire all about it!  lol

they both woke up happy and smiley, and we bounced downstairs together.  hendrix was so pumped about the things in his basket, that we had to open them and play with them right away.  his favorite item was the sidewalk chalk, which we did use on his chalkboard in the playroom then, and also outside later on in the day when the sun came out ;)

blaire liked her new sippy cup, and actually she has been gripping it and swinging it around today.  maybe i will be able to get her to take milk from a sippy since she won't take a bottle?!?  lol

they both got new umbrellas, and hendrix has been obsessed with carrying both of them around the house.  he loves that blaire's has minnie on it (from his beloved mickey mouse clubhouse show), and he keeps telling me that he 'thinks it is raining'.

my happy girl loved watching hendrix run around collecting eggs 

and of course, it didn't take him long to realize that the fun part was opening them up to gather and taste his loot!  

my kiddos do clean up nicely! 

oh, and this one is all cheese for the camera!

i was thrilled that we got ready with enough time to take a few photos before church.  

i love the precious interactions between my two little babes.

such sweet siblings.

they are my joy!

my boys.

and us girls!

then we came home to the first ham i have ever cooked (it turned out great!)  
it ended up being just our small little family of four for the day; and while i missed seeing our families, it was really nice to just enjoy each other!  

this little man kept us chuckling and counting our blessings all day long!

happy easter!

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