Monday, April 22, 2013

time to move on

three years ago my hubby and i began our biggest adventure to date as we signed the papers making us the proud homeowners of 212 south hazel avenue.  

this house was my first adult home.

it was where my two babies were born.

it has been transformed on nearly every surface by our dreams, our imagination and our hard work.

and it has transformed me.

it has taught me about responsibility and reality.  

and today, as we placed a for sale sign in the front yard, i simply reflect on all our good times and memories here......

and i look forward to what it is in store for my little family!

i have sure loved you, 212 south hazel.

now it is someone else's turn.


  1. wow. The blue color really made a big difference!

  2. Agreed! The blue with the white trim is just beautiful! And your post is exactly how I'm feeling about our Kelley house and the move to Huxley. Maybe I should just have you write a blog for me. ;)


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