Friday, April 5, 2013

our little bookworm

so my independant reader now has a handful of books memorized and he likes to be able to read to us.  it is fun to have the tables reversed for a change!

he does enjoy a variety in his books, but we go through phases with favorites.  for right now it is "rexerella", "brown bear, brown bear" & "the very hungry caterpillar".

he has also taken an interest in reading stories to blaire, which is super fun because she likes to sit my lap and look at the pictures.  it is a very fun activity for them to do together!

both our kids seem to love reading, which makes this bookworm-mama's heart melt.  i finally am starting to feel like i can make a lil' time to read for myself also....
and just bought the new jodi picoult e-book, 'the storyteller' to read on my iPad.  

how about you?  do you enjoy reading for yourself?  
and if so, what is on your current bookshelf?  
i am always looking for new suggestions!

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  1. Im a big Nicholas Sparks fan myself. Such cute pictures as always.


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