Thursday, April 4, 2013


we have had some gorgeous days lately, and all our snow is melting away.  in fact, as i peer outside the windows this morning, i can't see any snow anywhere....even those big piles that were sitting in the shade of the garage have disappeared!  

i love that sign that spring is on the way!

and so does hendrix.

he has spent a good deal of time in his rainboots lately.

as we were coming in from the van yesterday, he just sighs and says, 'mommy, i love being outside!'

i hear you pal, me too ;)

you might remember that hendrix used to have a slight obsession with horses.  over time that obsession has dwindled a bit, though he is still fascinated by them whenever we see them.  well, the mamas at the horse barns down the street have all had their lil' babes now and we enjoyed wandering over there to peek at the colts.

he proudly told blaire all about the barns and what horses like to eat and what they was fun to see him sharing a space that he was proud of with her ;)

love his spirit.  love his energy. and really love his smile!

happy spring puddles to you, too! ;)

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  1. Thank goodness the weather is finally starting to warm up!! How awesome that you guys got to see the colts. So cool!


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