Thursday, October 25, 2012

fluffy laundry times two

we have used fuzzibunz diapers since hendrix was big enough to fit in them, and have never looked back.  

yes, it means a lot of laundry; and yes, they were kind of an expensive initial investment; but when i think about how much money we saved on disposables over the last two years, i am sold.  

not to mention that now we get to use them for baby #2.  


after blaire lost her umbilical cord stump, we have been able to put her in the smaller sized cloth diapers (we have two sets, which works out perfectly since hendrix is now still wearing the bigger size, and blaire gets the smaller size) and i think she looks super adorable in them!
  they go up practically to her armpits, and they really pad her little bum, but i love them.  
and she seems to also ;)

you know there are some things that you just forget about having a newborn around. as your child transitions into toddlerhood these changes seem to happen gradually....

quantity of daily diaper changes is one of those things.  

hendrix might go through 4 diapers a day right now.  
blaire about 12-14.

that has us doing diaper laundry nearly everyday.  
(not to mention regular can one little girl dirty so many burp cloths, blankets, towels, crib sheets, onesies, jammies, etc..?!?)

if you stop by my house unannounced, you will most likely see some stage of diaper folding happening on my couch.  
oh well.
at least they are clean!


  1. Good for you! Do you think I can do it with twins and B still only partially potty trained?

    1. wow, you are going to have your hands full! how fun ;) i think you can do it fact if it were me i would be wondering how i could afford that many diapers if i didn't do it! lol. you will want to get more of them i would imagine, and you will want to wash diapers everyday. you go, mom! whatever you chose to do, just make sure it works for your family. ;)

      congrats again!


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