Saturday, October 13, 2012

one week

my baby girl is a week old today, and i already can't remember what our family was like without her here.  she brings so much joy to each one of us, and it is just so precious to see more and more of her eyes each and every day.  she still sleeps a ton, but is starting to take in more of the world around her; and hendrix is doing his best to tell her about everything.

hendrix recently picked up on daddy calling blaire, sweetheart, and he has decided that is going to be his nickname for her too.  oh we still hear 'blaire' about a thousand times a day - usually in a sentence like, 'blaire, look'  'scuse you blaire (when she burps)', 'i love you, blaire', and 'drink milk, blaire?'

but now when she is laying in her bed, or when she is in my arms eating, he comes up to her and says 'hi sweetheart', and it just melts me.  sibling love is really the best!!

all her little features are so teeny tiny, and she fits just perfectly in her newborn sized clothing.....hendrix was swimming in newborn clothing for several weeks but i also remember that once they start growing it will continue rapidly!  in the meantime, i want to get as much mileage from those tiniest outfits as possible!

i have loved playing with bows and flowers, headbands and hats; and oddly enough hendrix is fascinated in all those accessories too.  he likes to help me pick them out for her, and i would be lying if i said that he hasn't wanted to try on a few of them.....maybe even a tutu and some leggings also.....

we love you, my little blaire!

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  1. Such sweetness, he sounds like a beautiful big brother. Have fun with the bows and the outfits!


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