Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my seasonal obsession

okay i admit it.

i might be a little over the top when it comes to embracing and celebrating seasons and holidays.  

especially with my kids. 

but i think that putting them in their spooky clothes the entire month before halloween is fun.
i love decorating my home with pumpkins and drinking delicious pumpkin spice lattes (thanks for this recipe mom!) all throughout the fall months.
i like taking them to several different trick-or-treating events so we have even more candy laying around the house for mommy to eat they can enjoy their costumes several times!

and i really love the gorgeous fall colors ;)

i know this little outfit isn't super girly (in fact, hendrix wore it two years ago for his first halloween), but i thought that if i topped it with a hat or headband sporting a flower, maybe people won't assume she is a boy.

oddly enough, when hendrix was dressed as a bumblebee that first halloween, everyone assumed he was a girl.....


so hendrix's costume this year is a dragon/dinosaur.  

it really depends on the day as to which he will answer.  lol

he already wore it trick-or-treating at the blank park zoo last weekend. 

he was really not pleased with how cold it was outside.  in fact, while i thought he would be running around with no need for the stroller, we ended up bringing it because he wanted to sit in it and snuggle with his blankie.

he did enjoy seeing the few animals that were out - though most were in their winter homes, and the night was more about fun lights, cool costumes and candy.

he enjoyed the hay maze with daddy,

but then after a quick wave to me, he begged to ride in the stroller again. (not normal two-year-old behaviour for my little guy!)

miss blaire was not actually in costume as i just had her bundled in as many layers as i could get to fit inside the baby bjorn.  she was probably the warmest of us all, and slept contentedly the entire evening.

hendrix livened up a bit more when we got to the play zone which was sort of indoors and much warmer.  he is a big fan of bounce house toys!

i was glad we went, even if it was a chilly evening. 

this happy little dino/dragon made it worth it!

afterwards we enjoyed a 45 minute party in the minivan during which daddy got hendrix into jammies and mommy breastfed blaire before driving back to ames.  juggling the timing of her feeding schedule for activities is a tiny bit tricky, but i am glad that we are still getting out to make fun family memories, and i am sure that will just get easier and easier!

i love my sweet little pumpkins!

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