Wednesday, October 10, 2012

introducing blaire robyn baumgartner

our sweet daughter was born on saturday, october 6th at 9:45 a.m.

blaire robyn baumgartner

she weighed 7 pounds and is 20.5 inches long
she has very dark eyes, but very light hair, and is absolutely perfect!

so far everyone is telling us that she looks just like mama and her side of the family, but i see so many similar features to hendrix when he was just a wee newborn.  

she was born at exactly 37 weeks, which is just plain perfect as that was my target date.  i had been so fearful of an early arrival, and this was the goal by my doctor for optimal growth and development, and blaire did a beautiful job of listening and being patient!

she was able to snuggle skin to skin with mama immediately, meet her big brother when she was less than an hour old, and room in my room the entire short two-day hospital stay.  it was the most different experience from my delivery of hendrix, and i couldn't be more thankful for how special and awesome it was!

her birth story is pretty short and sweet.....

i woke up to my water breaking at 4:15 a.m.  contractions got regular and strong pretty quickly.  we called my mom and told her it was time to come and stay with hendrix......

i hopped in the shower and did some last minute toiletries packing having to stop every couple minutes and breathe.  the contractions got really intense really quickly, and i labored at home bouncing on hendrix's toy beach ball as if it was a birthing ball, until my mom got to our house.  we then left immediately and got to the hospital at about 7:30 a.m.  we went in through the ER entrance, and i had to ride up to the birthways floor in a wheelchair as i just couldn't walk through the contractions anymore. 

my contractions were less than three minutes apart, and they got me set up in a room immediately to find that i was already dilated to a 6.  the doc on duty came in and said hi briefly, i got going on the birthing ball again, and before i knew it i was feeling kinda 'pushy'.

i got in the bed and pushed for about 30 minutes and my baby girl was in my arms before i had even been at the hospital for two and a half hours.  

it was perfect. 

i got my natural birth just the way i wanted it, and it went very quickly!

we are home and happily adjusting to life as a family of four!

hendrix adores his role as big brother, and wants to see, talk to, and touch blaire all. the. time.  he has been a little more clingy and needy of mommy, but i am trying to be really sensitive to that and help him feel needed and still very important to me.  

we have had a few meltdowns, but overall he has done way better with the adjustment than i was expecting him to.

daddy is loving his new little princess, and spends every chance he can with her snuggled on his chest.  she spends most of her time either eating or sleeping, and he loves to talk to her and snuggle with her.  he even does a great job stepping up to the plate to help with burping and changing dirty diapers.  

he has been home from work all week, and i am thankful for his help not just with miss blaire, but also with hendrix.  he has taken him to do some fun things that help him burn off energy and allow him to be a lil' bit calmer when we are home with baby sis.

as for me, i am just elated with my precious bundle!  i couldn't be more in love with her tiny little features, and i am soooo thankful for the way this labor, delivery and recovery has gone to allow me the opportunity to bond with and care for my baby from the very beginning.  

our family is so blessed!

photos courtesy of bella baby photography


  1. What an awesome story, we are so happy for all of you and can't wait to meet Miss Blaire! Enjoy every minute! Love, Kathleen and Jerry

  2. So glad things went so smoothly. You deserved it this time! :) can't wait to introduce her to Annalise!!!

  3. OMGosh! She is just PRECIOUS! I am so glad that everything went so smoothly! Congrats, Momma! xo


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