Friday, September 21, 2012

almost 35

tomorrow i will be 35 weeks pregnant.

hendrix was born at 35w1d pregnant.

that would be this sunday.


here are a couple belly shots from earlier in the week, though i am just getting around to posting them...

baby girl seems more perfectly rounded than hendrix was.  i remember my tummy with him looking quite a bit more lumpy.  and i don't think she has really dropped yet, so i don't have any plans to deliver a baby this weekend.....but you just never know what these lil' babes have in mind.

i did have my first dose of braxton hicks contractions on wednesday night, which was an entirely difference experience than i have ever had.  (with hendrix the only thing i experienced was the real deal, and i didn't even know that was what it was at first.....) bud was working late, so i was at home alone working on some photo edits, and i experienced a crazy tummy tightening of muscles that lasted for a minute or two and then relaxed.  it didn't really hurt, but it was a little uncomfortable.  

i pretty much ignored it thinking it was gas, cramps, or maybe strong kicks - who knew.  until it happened again, and again.  after the fifth one in an hour, i decided to go soak in the bathtub and head to bed so i could stretch out and hopefully stop whatever was going on.  doc had told me that at this point, if i have anything resembling contractions more frequently than 5 times in a hour to call her.......

luckily the bath worked magic and i was ready to snuggle in bed for the night.

hopefully that was just a sneak peek of labor, but not a sign that my body is getting ready to do it soon.

i really want to want another two weeks.  
that is my goal.
37 weeks
we can do it, blaire!

there are a bunch of people out here waiting to meet you and love on you, but you will be so much better off when you come out if you can just be a lil' bit patient.......

in the meantime, this mama has been nesting like crazy and all the baby preparations are ready.


i think everything is in order (i guess i do still have intentions of getting my pump out and cleaned up and ready to go, it is sitting in an accessible place, i just haven't done it yet).

blaire's closet is full of sweet little clothes.  i have a couple little pumpkin and halloween things sitting in front, and the rest seems to be more along the pink and purple hues.  

i even managed to get daddy to work on building shelves in the closet, so now i have a toddler boy side which is full of all hendrix's clothes (man, those jeans and tops seems huge after folding up little newborn onesies), and a hanging side that has both her stuff on the top, and his hanging clothes on the bottom.

this freed up the dresser drawers for all her little sleepers and outfits.  i can't get over how little and sweet they all are!  i can't wait to play dress-up with my real live dollie ;)

got out all the little sized cloth diapers.....

packed up the diaper bag with a few cute outfits (for going home from the hospital) and some know, cute booties and hats.  i am optimistic that we will get to have our photos taken in the hospital this time, since the whole NICU trip sort of put a damper on that for hendrix.

at the very least i imagine i will bring my camera and can catch some of those precious first newborn days.  

our car seat is here, and though not installed in the vehicles yet, it is sitting out and ready for daddy to do. 

i ended up not getting too girly of a seat, though i love how it matches our diaper bag, and i think that it will look adorable with pink blankets and a sweet head of flower clipped hair ;)

looking forward to meeting you, sweet blaire.

but remember, two more weeks would be perfect!


  1. Love that comfy red shirt. Praying you will make it at least 2 more weeks and Blaire will be healthy! Exciting, so exciting!

    1. thanks jamie! i have loved following along with your baby belly (x2) also ;) babies are just so great!!!


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