Sunday, September 2, 2012

pioneer football with daddy

yesterday we went to watch the grinnell college pioneers play football and hendrix sure thought that was fun! his daddy used to play for this team, and his grandma works in the athletic department, so he is real familiar with the field and press box, and thinks it is okay to just run all. over. the. place.

he was really interested in watching the game, for all of about 5 minutes.  then he really just wanted to be a wild man.

after many failed distraction attempts, mommy just walked to the park to play with him for a while.  it was much easier to manage him there!  lol

he really loved some uncle time ;)

when we tried to go back to see the end of the game, he turned into a monkey boy.

but it was a gorgeous afternoon, and we had a nice time, even if it was exhausting to keep up with him!  lol

i imagine there will be much more football yet this fall......

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  1. He is just too cute for words. I also find it rough to actually get through a whole event with out have to go on a walk to discover some things to keep him busy.


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