Thursday, August 19, 2010

We've got diapers!

I got my order of small sized fuzzi bunz pocket diapers in the mail this week and can't wait to show off how cute they are!

This size is supposed to be fit babies who weigh between 5 and 20 pounds, so I am hopeful that our little guy will fit in them right away, and that they will last us for the first 9 months or so.  Then we will have to purchase a lager size, which will be fine because then it will keep these ones in nice shape to use with baby #2 (which probably won't be right away, in case anyone is wondering!)  lol

My hubby and I had lots of fun unloading the box, practicing stuffing the diapers with the inserts, and playing with the various snap sizes.  I am glad that he is excited about this adventure along with me :)

Look at this rainbow box of cute diapers!

Here are the other accessories that we also purchased with our order - the diaper pail liner, and a smaller one to keep in the diaper bag.  Some extra inserts so we can double up on the night-time diapers, cloth wipes (which I need to do some more research about the homemade wipe solution.....I have heard that there are some great recipes out there that are easy to make, and can be placed in a spray bottle to apply to the wipes as needed), and some of the "special" laundry detergent that is recommended to keep the diapers in good shape (I am not sure that this is necessary, but it wasn't real expensive so I thought I would give it a try).

Thanks for humoring me and sharing in my enthusiasm!  I am new to cloth diapering however, and would still welcome advice or tips from anyone who has tried it before :)


  1. Love me some fluffy mail!!!! Good luck with everything!

  2. We used cloth diapers during the day when Austin was a baby. I found liners that you put in and it helped with the poopie diapers. Easier to dump out and helped keep them from staining. Not sure if they are still out there but they helped. Could you post the recipe for wipes when you find it? I made wipes out of paper towels and my neice would love to know about a solution you could spray on the wipe. Thanks!!!! The diapers are adorable!!!

  3. A friend of mine just passed along this recipe:

    Buttwipe solution: 1/4 cup baby shampoo, 1/8 cup baby oil, 2 cups warm water.

    I also found these ones online, but they sound a little more complicated and I am not sure how they turn out:

    Aloe Vera Recipe

    1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
    2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
    2 Cups Hot Water

    Vitamin E and Essential Oils Recipe

    2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
    2 Drops Lavender Oil (Please be sure to use only pure essential oils - don't use synthetic oils.)
    2 Drops Chamomile Oil
    2 Cups Water
    1 Vitamin E Cap

    Sounds like all of them work well either in a spray bottle or to mix in a container for you to dip the wipes into. It will be an experiment for me to find which ones work the best.

    I bought cloth wipes simply because I thought it would be easier to just use them and throw them in the laundry with the diaper, than to have to keep the wipe separate and put it in the garbage while I put the diaper in the laundry pail. They are made out of microfiber flannel and I guess we will see how they work.


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