Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching up

Well let's see, I am not really sure where to begin.  Alot has happened in the past couple weeks.  I guess I will start with my excuse for my absence....I was sick.  Yuck!  I had some sort of viral infection that had me in bed for nearly a week with a temperature, sore throat, and aching muscles.  I am kind of a baby when it comes to being sick anyways, simply because I am not sick very often (like once every couple years); but I have found that being sick while you are pregnant is just plain torture!  Luckily, the family that I nanny for had planned a vacation for the same week, so I had the week off work, which gave me time to rest and re-cooperate.  I would have rather spent my vacation time doing other things, but I guess I should just count my blessings and be glad that I had the time to kick up my feet.  I am feeling great now!

Over the past weekend my sisters hosted a baby shower for me at my house.  It was really fun to invite friends and family who had never been to our new house yet to come and see it and all the progress we have made on the nursery.  It felt good to share in our hard work!  :)

My adorable sisters!

It was a beautiful shower with lots of yummy treats to eat and tons of presents to open up!  :) I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many encouraging friends!

We played some fun games...

And saw some really cute clothes and gear for Hendrix!

Among other things, I got the changing table that I wanted, the pack-n-play, bathing accessories, books, toys, and lots of clothes and shoes.  He is going to be a spoiled little guy!  

I am now at 32 weeks, and I am going to start having doctor's appointments every two weeks until he is born!  I got my hair chopped shorter this last week to prepare for having less time to spend on myself in the mornings.......I am trying to mentally prepare for him to get here anytime, but also not get too excited about him coming before he is due.  Obviously, the longer I can keep him in my tummy the better.......BUT if for some reason he comes early, I want to be prepared.  We just ordered a rocker online today, and I am waiting on my first batch of cloth diapers to get here sometime this next week.  :)  Everything is so exciting!

Here are my 31 week and 32 week bump pictures for you to compare.  I honestly think that I look larger in the earlier one (on the left), but I think it has to do with how he is situated.  It looks and feels to me like he is dropping.

Hendrix now weighs approximately 4 pounds, and his skin is turning more and more pink everyday.  His skeleton is rapidly changing from cartilage to solid bone which make his kicks more and more pronounced.  At this point in time, he has blue eyes!  This could change between now and delivery, or shortly after birth even, but for now they are blue!  (like his momma!)  He is also developing a sensitivity for temperature and can tell the difference between being in heat and being in cold.  Wonder if he can tell that we have had heat indexes over 100 degrees in Iowa this week?!?!

This week has been a particularly trying week in our town as we have had record flood waters.  There were many roads shut down and lots of people lost belongings and basements to the flood waters.  We have been really lucky as our basement is mostly unfinished and the tiled floor slopes to a drain so the water that did come in was easily urged right back out.  The flood caused some water main breaks however, so our city water has been compromised and we are on a water boil currently.  Until this gets repaired (which won't be until sometime next week), we have to boil all water before use, and are supposed to be trying to conserve water to help the situation be rectified sooner.  

This is the intersection just a block and a half south of us......thankfully in that block and half, the street slopes drastically, and we didn't see that water climb any closer to us.  We feel truly blessed to be so close to the disaster, and yet to have remain safe and unharmed.  

I am hoping for some fun at the State Fair this weekend!  Wishing everyone a happy Friday! :)

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