Monday, August 2, 2010

Head down, and ready to go!

We reached the 30 week milestone, and at my appointment on Friday the doctor was able to determine little Hendrix's position.  He is head down (hooray!), and his little bottom is laying right under my belly button, while his feet are kind of wrapped all the way around on my right side.  Because of this position, my perfectly round baby belly is starting to look a lot more lumpy and asymmetrical.   She said that he is still small enough and there is still enough excess fluid that he can do lots of twisting and turning - his legs may end up on the other side, or somewhere in the middle under my ribs; but most likely he will stay head down until the big delivery day :)  

  • He has been having the hiccups alot more often in the last few weeks, and sometimes they last for a good 15 minutes.  That is such a funny sensation!
  • He is now about 17 inches long and could be as big as 3.5 pounds.  He should be gaining about a half a pound a week until he is born.
  • He is getting stronger, in fact he is now capable of gripping with his little fist!
  • His brain is now capable of regulating his body temperature, so he is starting to lose the lanugo (fine hair that had previously covered his whole body) that was meant to keep him warm.
We got our new camera in the mail the other day (we had been having lots of problems with our old one), and I am very excited to have time to figure out all the features on it before our little guy gets here and I want to document his every stage of development!

I am also looking forward to using it to capture memories at my baby shower this weekend.  My sisters are throwing me a shower at my house, and I am looking forward to showing off the nursery to my family and friends!

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  1. Jen you look beautiful! Glad to know he's 'ready to go!'


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