Saturday, August 21, 2010

It has been a busy week!

We are now 33 weeks along, and I guess that means that we are in the eighth month!  We only have 48 days until Hendrix's due date, and I am sure that they will fly by!

This week to prepare for his arrival; 

  • We got all his clothes sorted and into drawers and the closet.  He is going to be well-dressed!
  • I figured out storage solutions for the changing table and closet and have things all sorted into their proper bins (hopefully they will stay sorted nicely!)
  • We bought the upholstered glider that I really wanted for the living room.  We still haven't figured out a rocker for the nursery yet, but I am really particular about what I want in there, so I feel confident that at least we will have someplace to rock him if he gets here early, and I can keep looking for what I really want in the nursery.
  • We made an appointment to get professional maternity photos taken (they will be Friday, Sept 3)......I am super excited!
  • I bought new tubing for my breastpump (that I purchased secondhand), and am confident that I know how to use it now!
  • We wrote up our birth plan, discussing it with our doctor at our appointment yesterday and ensuring that we have only realistic expectations of labor and delivery.
  • We preregistered with the hospital and ensured that the paperwork is in place to add Hendrix to our insurance when he gets here.
  • And most importantly, we heard his strong and clear heartbeat again yesterday and were reminded of how miraculous and amazing it is that this little person is growing inside my tummy!

In the midst of all those projects, we made time to spend the day at the State Fair to enjoy lots of yummy food and see lots of cute and huge animals, and my hubby got our garage door opener fixed. :)  I would say we have had a VERY productive week!

Now, we are off to a send-off party for my little sister who is leaving for a semester abroad in London this fall.  I am sad but happy to see her go!

Happy Weekend!

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