Saturday, August 28, 2010

It feels like fall!

Okay, so not quite as much today as it has this past week, but the cooler temperatures have been really amazing for this prego lady. :)  Knowing that my due date is in the fall; seeing the arrival of orange leaves, apples at the farmer's market, and even Halloween costumes and decorations in the stores have really boosted my spirits that it is almost time!  We also saw our first high school football game of the season last night, and are looking forward to the first ISU football game this week.  I LOVE this time of year ;)

Riley, who is 6 years old, and the adorable little girl that I nanny for, had a cute conversation with me the other day that I thought I would share with you.  She has, of course, known that I am pregnant for a very long time and has been patiently awaiting Hendrix's arrival along with me.  After she got home from school one day this week, she said, 

"Jenn, remember how you told me that Hendrix is going to be born after I start school but before Halloween?"  

I answered her with "Yes, that is right".  

And she replied, with her hands on her hips "Well, I started school and it is before Halloween - so where is he?"  :)

We have reached the 34 week milestone, so I guess it is possible that he could be here soon, though I am not holding my breath yet! 

According to my research Hendrix is:

  • About the size of a honeydew melon, weighing in the size range of 4.2 to 5.8 pounds.  That is getting pretty large!
  • Capable of recognizing and reacting to simple songs, so we better start making sure the music we are listening to is wholesome!  lol  And I might have to make Bud brush up on his lullabies :)
  • losing the lanugo (soft, downy hair that was previously covering his body for warmth and insulation). 
  • replacing it with vernix (a waxy substance that covers his whole body to protect it until his birth)
  • and lastly, his fingernails have now reached the top of his fingers!
In Mom news, this past week I discovered my first real stretch marks (super sad face).  Bud had thought that he noticed them a little bit a few weeks back, but they were low enough that I couldn't really see them, and they were very faint.  Well now, they are on both sides of my belly button, high enough for me to see, and both bright red and purple.  I really hope they go away after he is born.  :)  I have been religious about applying the lotions and vitamin E. 

My checklist of things to do this week from "the bump" said that I should go in and get a low maintenance haircut to be ready for mommyhood and I am proud to say that I already did that a couple weeks ago. ;)  The things that we did do this week however include:

Receiving the baby bjorn that some family members had ordered as a shower gift, and getting it upacked and figured out.  My hubby was really excited about it, and after he read all the directions he gave me a tutorial about how to use is properly even demonstrating it with a sock monkey.  :)  I thought that was adorable!

We also got the second car seat base that I had ordered online this week, and my hubby figured out how to install it in his car today.  It was alot trickier than he had thought it would be because his car is old enough to not have the "Latch" hooks.  But now he is ready to pick us up from the like.......6 weeks or so!  ;)

Our new comfy rocker got delivered from Redekers today, and we found the perfect corner for it in our living room.  It is honestly the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in.......can't wait for some serious snuggletime with Hendrix in it.

And one last note, I went shopping for a few new Iowa State shirts so that I have something to wear tailgating that actually covers my tummy!

I love being pregnant, and I really do love my basketball-sized tummy, BUT I am looking very much forward to holding Hendrix in my arms and being able to breath better, pee less often, walk without waddling, and shave my legs without having to do crazy acrobatics in the shower. :)

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  1. You look great! Looks like you got a lot accomplished this week...a lot of fun parents-to-be things!!


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