Monday, September 13, 2010

We are home!

Hendrix was discharged from the hospital yesterday right around lunchtime.  Right before we left he got a bath and we got him dressed up in a really cute outfit for hospital pictures.  During the bath he peed all over th nurse, which was really funny!  We enjoyed getting to watch him get the bath, so now we know how to do it at home :)

He was't really all that cooperative in the pictures, but he was wide awake so at least we got to see his eyes.  He didn't want to keep his head looking the right direction - I don't think he likes the flash.

We had a little trouble getting the carseat to the right setting to put him in it.  He is so little that everything had to be on the lowest and tightest setting, and he got a little impatient with us while we were trying to get it ready for him.

Then, just before we left, he had a leaky diaper and peed all the way through his shirt, pants and blanket.  Luckily I had packed lots of clothes and we got him changed into something just as cute!  

And off we were!

We were so happy to be leaving, and so thankful for the fabulous nursing staff that helped teach us how to take good care of him.  I got a hug from the NICU nurse who was working when we left, and I realized that a small part of me will miss having them readily available to help me, teach me, and encourage me.  Now we venture on this new chapter just the three of us.

We took our 8 day old, 5 lbs. 10 oz. son home finally!  Daddy was so excited to carry him into our home for the first time.  He immediately got him "unpacked" out of the carseat and snuggling into his bassinet.  He seemed to like his new environment alot. :)

Later in the afternoon he got visits from his Nanna O'Polka, and many of his aunts and uncles on the O'Polka side.  He was definitely the star of the day, and everyone enjoyed holding him and staring at him.  

Hendrix really liked his nursery.  

All wrapped up like a little burrito, and I can't believe how tiny he looks in his crib!

Daddy was so excited to spend so much time with his son, and he was really helpful during all the nighttime feedings.  It was nice that we got to sleep in until 9 am this morning, and Daddy didn't have to leave to go to work!  We could all get used to this :)

I can't wait to get used to our new normal.

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