Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lazy Day as a Family

We didn't get discharged from the hospital today as we had hoped, but we did enjoy a long day of hanging out as a family!

Hendrix only weighed 5 lbs. 8 oz. at his weigh-in last night, so he didn't quite reach the milestone of gaining weight yet.  He did however pass the carseat test (which was where they had him sit in the carseat for an hour with a monitor checking his oxygen levels to ensure that it would be safe for him to ride in).  Apparently this can be an issue for little preemies, so we are glad that he did well!  The carseat is sitting in the nursery as a reminder that we are close to going home, we just have to be patient.

In the meantime, he has been spending 3 hour stretches of time in our room with us in between feedings, and we are finally feeling like we are getting to know our son.  We get to hear the little noises when he sleeps, we get to snuggle with him when he is stirring, and we get to show him off to those who come to see us.  He still gets worn out pretty quickly, so we are trying to just take family visitors while we are still at the hospital; but he got to see his Aunt Kate last night for the first time.

He also got to enjoy some serious cuddles this afternoon with Grandma Nancy.

I have enjoyed some precious moments with him as we have been trying to make more progress with the breastfeeding.  Today he was able to nurse several times, along with taking the 50 mls of pumped milk that they want to see him consuming.  We have found that he can be a bit of a lazy eater in the late morning - afternoon hours, but is much more alert and vigorous about eating in the evenings and nighttime hours.  A Lactation Consultant has been working with me to figure out how to manage my pumping (because I was actually producing WAY more than he can keep up with - in fact, we have already taken like 12 bottles of pumped milk home to put in our freezer.......) and also to help us be effective at helping him gain weight.  They weighed him this afternoon just to see if it looked like he was making progress, and he was up to 5lbs. 10 oz.  Now that isn't the official report - that will be at Midnight - but he still has one more feeding between now and then to hopefully boost that number, or at the very least to keep it steady. :)

Hendrix also enjoyed some special time watching football with Daddy today.  to be honest, I think he was thoroughly uninterested, but Daddy was okay with that!  lol

Since it was the big Iowa - Iowa State football game (and Bud and I both cheer for opposing teams) we compromised and allowed our son the chance to ride the fence!

Isn't he about the cutest football fan you have ever seen?

Well, tomorrow is another day and we will see what it brings.  In the meantime, I am absolutely soaking up every moment I get to spend with my little peanut and doting hubby.  Life is good.

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