Wednesday, December 5, 2012

two months

oh my goodness, time is flying.  

blaire is two months old now.

she is starting to really interact with us, giving us smiles when we talk to her, and trying to figure out how to make little noises - squeaks and coos. 

she stays awake alot more during the day, and enjoys playing on her mat, sitting in her bouncy seat, and watching her glow worm sing to her.  she loves her brother still, and is very patient when he gives her slobbery kisses, and shouts in her face.  

she sleeps alot too though, in fact she has been sleeping through the night (like for 8-9 hour stretches) for this entire past week.  mommy is loving it and i'm hoping that after i get through the busy season of family christmas photos i can actually start enjoying getting a good night's rest!  ;)

in the meantime, i am just smitten with this precious little face! 

love, love, love her!

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