Monday, December 24, 2012

10 weeks

i. adore. this. photo.

i had a lil' 10 week photo session with my gal and while i am pretty sure this little smirk is my favorite, i can't resist all the other cute faces she showed me.

love those toes.
and those chubby little cheeks.
oh, and her gorgeous baby blues.

i just think she is so sweet ;)

her smile stretches across her whole face.

and it usually involves that milk-covered tongue....

but when she is truly delighted, she wrinkles up that nose!

she is getting so strong.

we are spending more time on our tummy so we can keep strengthening those neck muscles. 

oh and i love having the christmas tree in the background......aren't the lights just so twinkly?

  i am snuggling this precious sweetie as we speak and praying her cold leaves quickly so she can breathe, eat and sleep again......

happy christmas all! 

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