Thursday, December 20, 2012

the mundane

as a photographer, i find myself overthinking taking photos of my kids.  i want to make sure they are dressed perfectly, that it's the right time of day to get nice even lighting without flash, that the background of the photo will not be too goes on and on.  

i also find the hassle of my 'good' camera negates my desire to capture the moment more often than not, so i just leave it in the van, or at home.  

as a mom, i need to throw all these excuses out the window and just capture moments.  
moments of our daily lives.
moments that are truly mundane, but that make our family what it is.

i want to capture blaire's pudgy little cheeks when she is in the mood to smile, not just during a staged photoshoot. 

i want to catch that sneaky little grin that means he is plotting his next mischief.

i want to see all those cute little headbands and hair pieces when they are falling down into her eyes and over her ears (that is where they end up more often than not....) lol

i want to capture my family members interacting with each other in a truly natural and unstaged way......hanging out, snuggling, chatting, loving.

i want to remember the chaos and mess of having two little children, even though it can be a tad bit overwhelming at times.....

i want to capture the concentration and deliberation that goes into all of his masterpieces.

i want to remember fun days of jammie wearing til noon....

and the endless hours hendrix has spent begging to watch movies on the iPad, computer, or tv.

i want to capture every cute little outfit that my kids own before they outgrow them (and for miss blaire there are some things that she is barely getting to wear twice before they go in the bin of goods to consign....)

but most of all, i want to remember that in the midst of all the craziness that is currently our life; we have lots of really fun and special moments.  

moments in which time seems to stand still for just a second.

and i take a deep breathe and cherish how truly blessed we are to have two beautiful healthy kids who love life. 

so excuse the phone quality photos, and enjoy taking a small trip through the mundane in my life,  
for it is all the little mundane moments that make my life what it is, 
and for that i am truly thankful.


  1. Bless you for this post, Jen. Love it! I completely agree, and I still see your "photographer's eye" even in these mundane photos!!

  2. I absolutely love the way you share your heart. Though not every wonderful and not-so wonderful parts of your life may not be captured in a photo...I guarantee you it is captured in your heart where it remains to be remembered many, many times down your road of life! I am thankful for you and for your sharing so that I can, too, tuck away some wonderful moments into my heart's memory.


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