Friday, December 7, 2012

happy holidays!

the holidays have been exceptionally busy for our little family this year.  i think that having two instead of one is a big part of it, but another part of it is that mommy has really grown her photography business, red wagon design, and so many people wanted to get squeezed into a short time period to get family christmas card photos!

to help accommodate all the interest and my very tight schedule, i did a whole weekend of christmas mini sessions.  i had a few setups in my home, and just scheduled families back to back, shooting in the same spot over and over.  you can check out some of the photos here, though i am still working my way through editing and posting the rest of them.  it was so fun to see all the cute little christmas outfits, and of course, i had to try out my sets with my own very adorable littles ;)

hendrix is starting to get tired of being a little poser for mommy, and he prefers to walk away and let me just photograph blaire.  while i am happy to spend time focusing on her precious little features, it makes trying to get a photo of the two of them a very. large. task.  ;)   

blaire really loves all the lights of the season.  she spends lots of time laying on the floor, just looking at the christmas tree.  she also is bombarded with christmas music, jingle bells, and the classic holiday movies (rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and frosty the snowman have been at our house from the library for the last couple weeks).  her sweet little spirit is such a joy, and i am so thankful for the blessing that she is to our family!

her eyes are so bright, and seem to be staying blue.....we will see!  ;)

i love her sweet little smiles too....when she is really happy there is a little bit of tongue hanging out too!
daddy really gets the best smiles from her, but she is one happy lil' gal.

hendrix is such a great brother.  he loves to talk to her, and asks about her all the time.  when she does have any fussy moments, he sweetly tells her 'blaire, it's okay', and tries to shove her paci back in her mouth for her. sometimes this aggravates her even more, but i really do appreciate the gesture!  ;)  

he wants her to play down in the playroom with him now, and we let her sit in her bouncy seat so she can watch us play with blocks, trains, and other loud obnoxious toys.  hendrix is really getting into pretend play, and he likes to make up stories about what he is doing, or where we are going, or who he is.  it is fun to see his imagination explode, and he has the language to tell me all about it.  ;)  he makes me chuckle on a regular basis!

hendrix is really proud of our christmas tree as he was the one who picked it out at the christmas tree farm.  and he loves pointing out all the lights on everyone's houses and in their yards as we drive through town.  he says things like "look, mommy, how pretty" and "wow, look at this one" or "amazing!"  his enthusiasm is contagious, and it is fun to see the christmas excitement through fresh eyes all over again.  i thought that he was at a fun age last year, but this one seems to be topping it!

he also is really getting into santa this year.  perhaps because of the movies and books, he is so familiar with who he is (actually he knows all the reindeer's names just as well), and anytime he sees a santa around town somewhere he says "merry christmas!"

we have been talking alot about snow, and i hope for his sake that we do get some this weekend like they are projecting.  we didn't get enough last year for him to really get to play in, and i am surprised that he even really remembers what it is.  he wants to go sledding and make snow angels he told me.  yesterday when we were driving and it was raining, i told him that when it gets really cold, the rain turns into snow.  his response was "oh, cool".  and then two minutes later he said, "mommy caterpillars, cold, butterflies?".  ummm.....yeah, kind of like that, dude.  nice connection. ;)

well, hopefully that updates you a tiny bit on what our little family is up to right now.......warm holiday wishes to you and yours!  may this season be one of blessings and joy ;)

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