Sunday, December 23, 2012


last week we got our first snow of the season, which also happened to be the largest snow that hendrix has ever gotten the chance to play in.  last year we only had snow one time and it was only about an inch and didn't even last a whole day.  this year, we got about 8 inches in two days and the whole town shut down with a blizzard warning, giving both mommy and daddy the opportunity to stay home and play all day!  it was great ;)

hendrix had been talking about snow ever since he started watching christmas movies like frosty the snowman and rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and he had told me that he was going to play in the snow, and throw snowballs, and make snow angels. 

 i don't think that he remembered snow at all as he was so fascinated with it.  
he loved throwing it around, swiping off the steps, stomping in the big drifts, and then (with a little help from mommy) throwing snowballs at daddy!

it was windy and really cold.  

we planned to only stay outside for like 10 minutes or so, but he refused to go inside, even when he was freezing.

and then after he did, we had to go back outside several times throughout the day.  he begs and begs to play in the snow all. day. long. 

he spent a good deal of time outside again yesterday with daddy, though it was much warmer and more enjoyable to be out.  they made a little snowman, which hendrix was super proud to show to mommy!

we are thinking that if we are brave enough, and if the weather cooperates, we may go sledding as a family tomorrow.  

hendrix is going to love it!

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