Tuesday, June 10, 2014

two wheels {plus a helmet}

little man is getting pretty speedy on his bike.  he rode it all the way to the park on his own last night he did awesome with it! (minus the little disagreement with daddy about riding it across grand ave) 

he has gotten so tall since the fall when he got it, and we both agreed that we need to raise the seat a good two inches.

i love that he thinks his helmet is cool and he wants to wear it everytime he rides his bike!

and he is full of silly faces ;)

and we don't want to forget this little sweetie......

we did get her a bike for easter, but she is still a bit too short to get it going on her own yet (poor girl is probably destined to share my height.....) but that is okay, she is a huge fan of the wagon ;)

for the most part my kids get along really well together, though this summer has been bringing out some of the worst of their sibling interactions (partially because blaire is in a very territorial MINE stage).....

so when they share a sweet moment like this - my heart just melts.....

i am so thankful for these two dirty little munchkins!!

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