Thursday, June 19, 2014

blaire's boo boo

here they are.  the staples in the back of my daughter's little head.

the first emergency injury that either of my children has had.
well, i guess we can cross that off my list.  
no need to repeat the experience

really her hair pretty much covers it up, and now, two days later, she is acting completely normal.  she doesn't seem to even notice it, except for when she is laying down to get her diaper changed or to go to bed, and then she needs to turn her head to the side so it doesn't put pressure on it.

she is back to smiles and busyness and independent ideas.

and she is quite proud of herself for mastering this little shape puzzle this morning!

by the way - if you were curious - she fell on the stage at bandshell park and landed on the corner of one of the metal risers.  she was there with her big brother and their nanny as i was working at the hospital at the time.  our nanny did a stellar job of keeping everyone calm and getting her to the clinic to meet me and get those few staples.  blaire was a rockstar throughout the office visit (even without her taggie or paci), and we were all home and moving on with naptime in no time.  

hooray for resilient children!

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