Wednesday, June 11, 2014

after the storm {fishin'}

this seems appropriate to post the week of father's day.  there are fewer things that my hubby loves more than hanging out with his family outside enjoying the sunshine.  he has recently introduced blaire to fishing (hendrix remembers their fun excursions from last summer!), and we just had a fun time enjoying each other!

they were so eager while daddy was getting the poles all ready to roll.

right after a storm when the sun is setting is apparently a common time for everyone else to go fishing too, so we had lots of entertainment as we looked around.....

someone else even caught a fish and showed it to us!

blaire was more interested in trying to catch the geese!

and swinging!  that girls loves to be in motion ;)

but hendrix was all business.  he was intent on catching something, and convinced that we couldn't leave until we did.

see him negotiating - i need to try one, two, three more times mom. ;)

so precious!  i love seeing my hubby enjoying his kids.  it seriously melts me!

and honestly, i was kind of glad that we didn't catch anything.....than we didn't have to have a conversation about what we were going to do with them!  lol ;)

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