Monday, June 2, 2014

just a little bit of the everyday.....

so the other day, when the flowers were pretty in my yard, and my kids were wearing clean clothes.....i decided to take some photos.  nothing too complicated....just catching them doing what they do.  ;)

hendrix is obsessed with his gardening skills - here he is showing off his venus flytrap, which was a pretty nifty science experiment.

and here he is making some of his goofiest faces.  this boy is expressive.  and i love how he scrinches up his nose.  ;)

blaire loves building with blocks.  she is pretty proud of the towers that she builds, and it can keep her entertained on her own for quite a while.

they also like to wrestle together.  after some giggles and squeals, it usually ends with one or both of them crying or yelling.....BUT i like to think that it is just their way of expressing fondness for each i usually let it work its way out......

and then they go back to parallel playing.  lol

i got a new camera the other day.  it is my favorite equipment upgrade so far, and of course i had to try it out.....  that was probably the true reason for this little lifestyle photo session.   

that and my desire to capture just one shot of the two of them together.  after my miserable failure at easter, i felt i owed it to all of us to give it a second chance....and you know what?  i am in love with this one.  so much so, that i just ordered it on a canvas.  can't wait to get it in the mail!  ;)

oh, and check out the house project progress in the background!!!  my hubby has tackled and repaired stucco on one whole side of the house......we need to do some touch up paint yet, but it is looking pretty sharp!  

spring sprucing has commenced around here. ;)

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