Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what happened to date night?

so back in my early baby-bump days my hubs and i made an agreement to never let go of our regular date nights.  we were thrilled about the upcoming arrival of baby baum, but we knew that one of the best things we could give to him/her was a strong and healthy marriage.  of course date nights weren't always fancy, and often involved ramen noodles and our favorite episodes of csi; but the point was that we were choosing to focus on and do things that were about "us".  

the hubs and i.  
just the two of us.  

 i love date nights! i love the excitement of having the undivided attention of my best friend.  i love going out to eat at fun new eateries or simply lovin' on our old favorites.  i love holding hands in the movies over a box of popcorn.  i love just sipping lattes together while reflecting on fun past memories or daydreaming about the future.

these sorts of dates have been fewer and farther between since hendrix made an appearance in our lives.  as our family moved from two to three, our emphasis on date-nights simply moved to the back burner.

at the beginning it was because he was breastfeeding and didn't take a bottle well.  this limited us to short outings. then when he started sticking to a relatively structured routine, i think we were afraid to throw it off, so we simply stayed home.  then it seemed like he was just growing and changing so fast and just so much fun to spend time with that we didn't want to waste those precious weekend moments away from him. 

oh, and when you add the cost of having a sitter.....date nights have now doubled in price......

i wanna change this.  
i wanna make time for us.  

not just a little bit of leftover time at the end of a long day when we both collapse exhausted.....but some of the real 'us'

this past weekend we asked my folks to watch hendrix overnight so we could have an evening of fun with some other couples, stay out however late we wanted, sleep in, enjoy a relaxing breakfast with no elmo movies or thrown pancakes....

well it didnt happen quite like that as i came down with the flu, and hubs had a head cold induced migraine.....but you know what?  

we wont give up that easily. 
we will try again. 

because us is important.

date nights, here we come!


  1. Time for each other is SO important! We are happy to help you achieve that by keeping Hendrix ANYTIME!!! Never hesitate to ask :) We love all of you!

  2. we still have date nights once a wk..after 28 yrs of marriage and 8 kids...evryone is happy with this! the kids grew up with the knowledge we are very impt to each other..keep it up!!

  3. I'm excited to have been connected with your blog through Rachel, your soon-to-be sister-in-law! Your blog is great! I really think its a great idea to have date nights and I know all too well how having kids changes that. You've inspired me to make date nights a priority again!
    -Robyn from http:/tipsfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  4. What a great post! Date nights are SO important, even if they ARE hard to coordinate. Hope your next one goes smoothly!


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