Saturday, January 7, 2012

the potty diaries

so i am thinking about starting to potty train my 16 month old.

am i crazy?

this is not my idea. 

it is hendrix's

he is the one that has been telling me he is 'poopy'.  he doesn't like poopy pants and wants to be changed right away.  he has been doing that for weeks.  his newest tendency is to tell me that he is poopy when he isn't...........yet.  yes, he seems to recognize that he is going to go.  not every time.  but often enough that it makes me think we should do something about it.

hence the potty chair.

i brought it home this week and it is just sitting in our bathroom.  
we talk about it, we even sit on it (with our clothes still on).  
i think i am going to let him make the first move.

i'll keep you posted.

this might be a wild ride. 

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  1. We have been thinking about starting the process as well, but Gwen I think Gwen needs a little more time. She hides when she poops now and when I ask her if she went, she runs into her room for a change. I hope your journey goes well!


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