Friday, January 6, 2012

our hand-made christmas

i love hand-made presents.  my family instilled this passion in me as we would craft ornaments every year as a family to give to our teachers, grandparents and family-friends. this is a fun tradition that my hubs and i have decided to continue as we have started our own little family.

last year hendrix made little handprint ornaments for his family members and close friends and we wanted to do something that was as meaningful and unique this year.

this is what we ended up with:

before you start giving me all the credit for these adorable rustic ornaments, i must admit that i simply replicated an idea that i found on pinterest.  to see the real genius behind this design check out this fun crafting blog

you might remember that hendrix had a huge fascination with twigs this fall.  he was always finding them, playing with them, and insisting that we bring them home with us.  it was the huge pile of twigs in our garage that inspired me to choose this design as our ornament this year.  

it was made with love, from all three of us!

they really were quite easy though some tools were required - cutting the sticks to the right lengths was daddy's job.  

oh and the drilling part too.

mommy strung them up and added a lil note and that was it!

i made sure to hold back an ornament to hang on our own tree, and also one to place in a keep-it-forever box for hendrix.  i hope that he will come to appreciate this family tradition and maybe even continue it with his own family someday.

how about you?  

did you make any special christmas gifts this year?

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