Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hendrix's Aunt Kate came for a little visit this weekend, and they both had a lot of fun together!  

We made it to playgroup finally this month on Friday and Hendrix and Flora had some quality 'floor time' together. :)  He looks like such a big boy next to such a dainty lil' gal!  (miss Flora is nearly two months younger though.....)

And lastly, Hendrix and Abigail enjoyed some time together this afternoon.  They are the closest in age as Abigail is only 12 hours younger than Hendrix.  They seem to be growing at a fairly comparable rate; but they had a super hard coordinating schedules today.  In 6 hours, there were only about 20 minutes in which they were both awake at the same time!  At that rate he is not going to have much luck as a suitor.......

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