Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Shots

Hendrix still doesn't like shots.  I have to say that this time was a lot better than last time, but he still was awfully pitiful and whiny.  I gave him a dose of tylenol before his appointment to prevent a really terrible screaming fit like last time and that seemed to help.  By the time Daddy got home from work he was almost back to his normal disposition.  He even splashed and laughed in a warm bath this evening before bed.  

This was how his day started.  
He left with me for work still in his jammies because I had to wake him up to take him.  Yes, he slept in until 8:15 a.m. this morning (and I don't know how late he might have slept if I didn't wake him up!)  I hated having to wake him up to take him out in the sub-zero degree weather.....but he was all smiles in spite of that!

I am not sure what to expect from his sleeping habits in the near future though because his doctor put the kibosh on swaddling him.  I know.  It's terrible.  He loves being swaddled.  That is the only way he has slept since he was born.  Apparently since he is so big now, and he is able to roll it is no longer safe to keep swaddling.  Now we have to just lay him in his bed with no blankets at all, and he is supposed to just go to sleep?!?  I will let you all know how that transition goes......but we didn't start it tonight.  I thought the shots rocked his world enough.  We'll cross that bridge tomorrow.  or the next day.......

Here is some footage also from earlier today when he was playing on the floor.  He is so in love with his butterfly that it really cracks me up!

So his weight?  Fabulous!  

He is now 15 pounds 14 ounces; which is in the 63rd percentile, 25 inches long which is in the 45th percentile, and has a 42 cm head diameter which is in the 37th percentile. 

 All the numbers are great and the doctor was thrilled with his progress.  We still have a few pounds to go before he outgrows his infant seat carrier so I am going to try to put the transition to the stationary car seat off another month or so; it is just so much easier to bundle him up and also nice to be able to leave him sleeping in it while I take him into the store or on other errands.  

As for other milestones - the doctor was really pleased with his strength.  While laying on his tummy he pushes his head up really high, and while on his back he can support his own head if he is pulled up by the arms.  He has a firm grasp and does a great job of responding to being talked to - either with a smile or with talking of his own.  She said that he should start being more interested in the sitting position now, and the next big feat will be passing a toy from one hand to the other.

He just got a bumbo seat and seemed pretty interested in it when we tried it out. 

Until Mom took one too many pictures and he got bored....

Isn't that sad face just precious though?  lol

So I was excited about the bumbo seat because I thought it might be a really nice transportable highchair for me to take to work for him.  I was sort of hoping to get the okay to  start him on food at his appointment today; and while the doctor said that we do have her blessing if we really want to start him on cereal, she would rather that we wait until more like 5 or 5 1/2 months.  shoot. 

It is going so fast as it is though, it would be silly for me to wish the days away.  I will wait patiently. :)  Well, sort of.

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  1. Aww, poor Hendrix. Im glad to hear he did at least a little better though. He looks so cute when you had just woke him up! Hes almost 16 pounds! Thats awesome! Hes growing great! Hes so adorable! Thanks for the update!


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