Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our big Four-Month-Old

Hendrix turned 4 months old last week though his well baby visit isn't until this week.  I am curious to see how much weight he has gained and what the doctor thinks about where he is at with his developmental milestones.  

When he had to visit the doctor right before Christmas (because he had both conjunctivitis and an ear infection) he weighed 14 lbs 12 oz.  He seems to be growing and thriving from what I can see.  He is sleeping really well at night - like going for 10 or 11 hour stretches; but since he has started that routine, he has wanted to eat more often during the day.  I guess this is the trade off.  I'll take it. ;)

Hendrix is full of faces, and I am having fun trying to capture them all with my new camera.  He is awfully patient with me while I try to have my own "photo shoots". 

He is also very free with his smiles and laughs.  He can be tickled and responds happily to peek-a-boo.  He is happiest when he is naked, but this is really the wrong time of year in Iowa to remain clothes-less.  Instead, we just let him enjoy long diaper changes. :)

Hendrix has really started "playing with" and "interacting with" his toys more as of late.  He talks to them and grabs at them sometimes even grasping them in his fists (accidentally I think though).   He especially enjoys playing in this jumparoo-it's like an exersaucer, but he can bounce in it. 

My little dude must be short like his momma 'cause his toes don't quite touch the ground when he is sitting in it.  I guess if he is kind of leaning to one side his toes sort of graze the ground, but he doesn't really understand how to jump in it yet.  He wiggles his body to make it move though and he likes that.  He also really likes being in the upright position I think.   

Both standing and sitting are becoming popular ways to hang out. 

He is also getting to be more verbal with us.  He likes to coo and the "O" vowel he has got down solid.  He puckers his lips all up while he is saying it and he will go back and forth with us having a conversation.  
It cracks us up!

 He is our little man.

Tonight he rolled over for the first time!  I have been thinking that he is capable of rolling for a couple weeks now, but he has been pretty fickle about not wanting to play on his tummy these days.  Tonight he was laying on his back just kicking and arching his back so much that we thought we would see if he might give it a try.  We flipped him onto his tummy and then placed a book over to the side and tried to encourage him to get it.  He rolled like it was no big deal and we cheered so much I think it startled him!  

We tried to have him repeat the feat so i could record it, but he wasn't having it. 

He is just growing so fast, and is so much fun.  
I am glad that he enjoys snuggles with mommy and I cherish sleepy time every night.

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