Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three Months Old

Hendrix keeps crossing milestones.  He is now three months old.  This is a shot from his photo shoot with Lora Patten last Friday and, as you can see from the photo, he was super adorable but not interested in sharing his smiley face with us.  Oh. well.  

There are lots of other great shots, and I just finished ordering our Christmas card!  I can't wait to share them with everyone, but I am going to wait to post the other pictures until the cards are in the mail.  Gotta save a little suspense. ;)

He has been helping Momma get ready for Christmas.  He really has been Santa's little helper. :)  After his pictures on Friday, we went shopping and I both started and finished my Christmas shopping.  He was so patient with me, and I couldn't believe that he put up with my 9 hour shopping spree.  

We saw our first snow flurries while we were shopping, how appropriate!  

My brother and his girlfriend Rachel met me at the mall in the evening, and we had fun going out to dinner together.  Hendrix was a happy lil' guy.

His newest achievement as a 3-month-old is finding his fists.  He likes to put them up to his mouth and either lick them, or chew on them.  It is so funny to watch.

He loves playing with Daddy every chance he can get.

And playing with his lil' girl pals - here he is with Abigail, who is just a day younger than him.  I think that he has passed her up in size now (though he was smaller than her when he was born).

He is generally very happy and freely shares his smiles.  He also makes noises and is trying to figure out laughing.

His stocking is hung,

He has a few ornaments of his own,

And at least half of the presents under the tree are for him.

Come Christmas, don't be late!

Mommy Hendrix is waiting!


  1. Oh Jenn, he is getting so big! Such a sweet, sweet boy.
    His smiles are super contagious, too. I watch the videos and can't help but smile with him!

  2. Hes getting so big! I love it! & your trees look great!


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