Friday, July 2, 2010

Red, White & Blue

Happy 4th of July weekend!  I love this holiday!  Partially because the 4th is my Dad's birthday so I have fond memories of celebrating as a family, and also because I really do love summer and all the fun things that go with it - grilling, swimming, ice cream, sunshine, parades, fireworks, etc.  This year, we bought my Dad a plane ticket to visit his family in New York for his birthday so we won't be seeing him this weekend (sad face), but are happy that he is getting to do something fun with other people who love him!  Happy Birthday, Daddy! Four day weekend, here I come!

Today we start our 26th week.  We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to check up on little Hendrix's progress, and also to do a check for gestational diabetes.  I am hopeful that we both pass our tests with flying colors!

This week:
  • Hendrix's eyelids have finally separated (previously they were fused shut) and he is now experiencing his first ability of sight!
  • A little cowlick or two might be forming on his head as his hair is finally starting to come in.  (As is the O'Polka style however, it may be too blonde to see, or not there at all!)
  • His little toenails are fully formed
  • His hearing, which began developing at week 18, is now fully complete; meaning that he is sensitive to noises, and may even be startled by loud sounds.  
  • He is very active and constantly moving around and reacting to his Momma's movements.

My bump pic for this week was taken outside in my screened in porch, which has become one of my new favorite rooms in our house!  It has been really great to get fully moved and more settled into our home and figure out the ways that we are going to use each room to meet our needs.  I have focused my energy on getting my room unpacked and organized, but am now ready to change gears and get Hendrix's room ready.  I hung curtains last night. :)

I plan to post some more finished pictures soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this Patriotic holiday and eat some homemade ice cream!

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