Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hyperactive Hendrix

We are 28 weeks along!

Our little guy is growing and growing.  Sounds like that is really about all he is up to right now.  As of this week his body fat index is only around 2 or 3 % and he is working overtime to get that ratio up a little bit before he is born.  This is good because I want a healthy, chubby little guy! (That is why I have been feeding him so much ice cream!  ;)

He is SOOO active!  It used to be that I would have to patiently wait until I was sitting quietly at lunch, or even laying down in bed to feel him moving around.  Now it seems like hardly 20 minutes pass without him making such strong movements that I can't help but lose my train of thought as I think of how cool it is to see and feel him moving around.   

My hubby and I went to a movie last night, and I was somewhat distracted from the show by the show that was happening right in my lap.....I am not sure if his reaction was from all the noise in the theater, or all the popcorn and junior mints that I was eating ;)

Our topic of research and discussion this week has been circumcision.  Depending on which doctor we go with at the hospital, we can do either a traditional circumcision or a Plastibell circumcision.  You can check out this video of a Plastibell circumcision if you're not familiar with it.  After hearing from lots of friends who have had their boys circumcised, we are quite positive that we would rather do the Plastibell over the traditional because it's easier to clean and maintain in early infancy.  It also appears to be less stressful for the infant from the movies we saw of each. 

I guess that is all for now.  We are spending this weekend doing some celebrating as next week we have some big events in the Baumgartner family.  Tuesday is my hubby's birthday, Wednesday is our anniversary, and Thursday is my birthday.  Good thing Hendrix will have an entirely different month for himself when he gets here!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Hey! We did a traditional circumcision- I think. And it went well- they used a local anesthetic on his area then cut off the skin. We gave him tylenol when he got fussy in the hours after but he basically just slept a lot post-surgery. It was all pretty quick and painless. The fun part was changing his diaper every time and having to put a big glob of vaseline on his little guy, then trying to close the diaper before he peed on you! Haha. Oh boys...


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