Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

So Bud and I have been spending alot of time discussing what we want baby baum's nursery to look like.  For the most part we haven't had to decide since we haven't taken possession of our house yet, BUT since that will be happening soon, I have been feeling a little more pressure for us to come to an agreement.

Our previous discussions have led us to decide that even though we plan to find out the gender of our baby, we would rather stick with sort of a gender neutral theme so that the nursery can be reused for future children.  Then we can use some simple accessories to jazz it up and really personalize it for the child.  We also want something that will grow well with the child and not look silly if we end up keeping it throughout the baby year into the "toddler" years.  This is a tall order!

Bud's thoughts have leaned toward primary colors, while I have been more interested in the pastels coupled with brown.   He has also really had an interest in using the alphabet and animals (especially frogs), while I have been more interested in the simplicity of patterns within a color scheme, like stripes and polka dots.  Bud has been drawn to the color red which he thinks is good for both boys or girls.  I have been really drawn to green (like a sage green color, not a BOLD, primary green), especially as a wall color because it could easily couple with other colors. 

On Saturday I went garage-saling again, and came home with lots of fabulous purchases, but this  quilt from Pottery Barn Kids is probably at the top of the list!

I guess after reading the ideas we had been bouncing around, it looks like it almost fits more into the scheme of what Bud had been looking for than it does with what I had been looking for.......but I absolutely fell in love with it!  It came with a crib dust ruffle and curtains that are made out of red gingham (they are pretty beat up and I don't think we will use them, but I did take them home so I can be inspired to make/buy something of my own that would coordinate just as well or better). 

The quilt itself is in fabulous shape, and I got a great deal on it!  I like the idea of still using green for the walls, and other bedding, and then emphasizing either the red or the blue based on whether it will be a girl or boy with other things like lamps, wall hangings, etc.  I am also imagining a way to work the alphabet on the walls, like painting it on in various colors as a border around the top of the room.......

Though we still have time to change our minds, it was fun to find something that we both really agreed on.  I might be the only wife ever that spots something she likes at a garage sale, and then picture texts it to her husband to get his approval before she buys it. :)  We like to be different!

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  1. Love the quilt. Hope the colors and everything work out. Cant wait to see more pics of goodies your getting :)


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