Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bumpin' Along

Tomorrow we will start our 15th week of this pregnancy.  Time seems to be going faster and faster.  Only 3 more weeks and we will be finding out if we are going to have a little girl baum or a little boy baum. 

I am still feeling great, though as my tummy keeps on growing I have found myself feeling really bloated.  I didn't really know what carrying extra weight on your front would feel like, and though it isn't really an unpleasant experience, it is definitely different than I expected.  It mostly just feels like a pressure that you can't really turn off.  :)    

Here is a shot at my baby bump as of this morning:

Later this morning I went to the park with Gabe, and someone I didn't know asked me when I am due.  That is the first time that someone recognized my bump as baby without my pointing it out.  I was really thrilled!  I love talking to other moms about their baby stories. :)

baby baum should be around 4 inches long right now or the size of a navel orange. This week developmentally: the legs are finally longer than the arms, and both knees and elbows are fully formed and functioning.  

baby baum witnessed his/her first soccer game this week as we watched the Grinnell Tigers high school boys team beat Knoxville.  (Way to go Jake!)  As we were sitting there in the sun watching the game, I was reminded of how much more I enjoy soccer season than football season when it comes to the weather :)   More soccer to come this weekend.....

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