Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Baby Purchases!

We are in our 14th week now, and we had another routine appointment on Friday.  Bud came along this time, and we heard baby baum's heartbeat significantly slower than last time at only 150 beats per minute (which still is MUCH quicker than my own cool!)  It was really awesome to share that moment together, and we were both really elated to hear that our little "lemon" is growing just as it should.  I also specifically asked the doctor if she thought there was a chance that there was more than one baby in there (are you listening, family?!) and she said no.  I am just the right size, and we only found one heartbeat.

Baby is doing lots of moving now though I have yet to really feel the movements.  The doctor said it will probably be a few weeks yet before I really notice them, but our baby is busy sucking it's thumb and wiggling it's fingers and toes.  The other big growth of the week is that it is now covered in lanugo (thin, downy hair) to keep it warm.  I find it interesting that this week I also noticed that my tummy is covered with little peach one told me about this side effect to pregnancy!

Over the weekend I hit up some garage sales and made my first official baby purchases!  My most prized purchase was this is from Eddie Bauer and is in fabulous shape still!  And yes, it is full of clothes......
I was really trying to wait until we have the anatomy ultrasound next month to buy clothes, but I really couldn't resist the super deals on really cute clothes.  I picked up lots of gender neutral pajamas and a snow suit, and then also a few pink and a few blue items.

Yes, take another look and see that I even picked up an Iowa Hawkeye sweat suit! This was for Bud's benefit, and no, it does not mean that I am not a loyal Cyclone fan.  I will be keeping my eye out for cute Cyclone gear as well.  I just didn't find any at the garage sales.
I guess it was a pretty productive weekend, and I am looking forward to enjoying the sun this week to come!


  1. yes, baby clothes are cute and even cuter when it's on a baby...ha, ha, ha....good luck hunting for baby will realized soon how often u used them and there might not have enough to go around before laundry time.

  2. I can probably help you out with some cyclone stuff :) I'll check my stash...


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